Caring for your child, from head to toe.

Being a parent can be tough at the best of times, but when your little one is experiencing difficulties with their development or health, things can quickly feel overwhelming.

Whether you need support from a doctor who is specifically trained to treat your child’s condition, or you’re not sure what’s wrong with your little one and want an expert opinion – we can help.

Our goal at Treehouse Pediatrics is to put your mind to rest, find the root of the problem, and offer a thorough treatment plan that respects your child’s unique needs.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, so let our dedicated experts be your village when it comes to your child’s health. We’ll help your child during every stage of their development and offer you empathetic support and guidance along the way.

Our pediatric services​

We assess the severity of your child’s ADHD and prescribe treatment in the form of medicines and ongoing therapy.
Children and infants experiencing issues with motor function, speech, or social behaviour can benefit from our expert support and treatment.
Babies who are born too early require specialist support. We’re here to help offer the treatment your baby needs to reach their vital health milestones for growth and development.
We offer a range of general pediatric treatments and consultations for mild and severe health issues like earaches, feeding issues, and vomiting.
Our evaluations aim to pinpoint what may be impacting your child’s development and offer tools to help.
Need a consultation? Our pediatricians are available (by referral) to meet with you and your child.
Get the support and guidance you need to improve your child’s growth and development issues with ongoing treatment.
Our evaluations aim to pinpoint what may be impacting your child’s development and offer tools and medicines to help.
Our consulting pediatricians can assess your child’s behavioral issues and offer the counselling they need to overcome them.
We offer immunization counselling for parents who’d like to ensure their child is suitable for vaccinations that protect them and others against serious disease.
If your child is experiencing issues with learning or difficulties in school, our team can equip them with the tools they need to move forward with confidence.
We can guide you and your child on how to integrate healthy eating practices into their daily routine to manage and prevent various illnesses.
When children face problems at school it can have profound effects on their self-esteem and development.
Teenagers dealing with health issues can find comfort in the safe hands of our trained doctors who can give them the expert treatment and advice.
Equipping you and your child with the tools and education you need to prevent serious illnesses and diseases later in life. Book a consultation for expert advice.
Our doctors will assess your child’s asthma, help to identify triggers and give your little one a treatment plan to minimise and treat the condition.
Growth problems, diabetes, and delayed puberty may be a result of your child’s hormones. Our endocrinologist is trained to help your child manage hormonal issues.
Our urgent care clinic can assess and treat children from 0-18. If you’re worried about your child’s health but it’s not serious enough for the hospital, call our clinic and we can look after them.

Our pediatric services

Worried about your child’s health? Get an expert opinion today.